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Umrah Visa

Terms and conditions of Umrah VISA in UK

The visa terms for Umrah visa usually keep changing in the UK from time to time and it mostly depend on the Government of Saudi Arab to change the visa policies that suits them the best, however, to provide you with the latest terms and conditions consistently is our duty and commitment towards you and we will keep updating you with the latest news from Saudi or United Kingdom’s visa policies regarding Umrah and Hajj.

Latest Visa fees and details presented by the embassy for Umrah in 1439H (2020)

• If a person is going to perform Umrah for the first time from the United Kingdom he or she will pay the normal Vis fee to the embassy.

• However, if any person from the United Kingdom has already performed Umrah in the year 2020 already or even in 2017, he or she is obliged to pay around 400 Pounds to the embassy for the initiate of visa processes.

It is necessary for you to have an Umrah Visa if you want to travel to Saudi Arab especially for Umrah purposes. All the compulsory requirements will be described below.

Formal VISA requirements for Umrah in 2020 for the United Kingdom’s residents

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The opening date and price for the Umrah visa in the United Kingdom, 2020

Everyone must be wondering when does Umrah Visa open for 2020?

Umrah Visa applications are accepted till the 15th of Ramadan. Hajj visa applications are accepted from the 15th of Shawwal and the last day is the 25th of Dhu'l-Qada in accordance with the Hegira calendar.

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